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Who we are

Simba Day Care is a private organisation for the care of children from the third month of life until kindergarten and school age. Our facility exists since August 2012 in Reinach BL.

With our experience in the pedagogical and organisational fields, we offer you the assurance that your child will be lovingly cared for in Simba Day Care and that we will provide your child with everything needed to ensure his or her development.

Martina Spreiter-Hilpert
Day Care Director

The children are cared for by our highly qualified personnel. It is our aim to offer the children safety, security and individual development possibilities, while teaching them in an age-appropriate holistic manner. The daily routine of the day care is flexible and can be orientated depending on the needs of the children.

The day care gives the children the opportunity to build relationships, to express feelings and to enjoy other important social experiences. In addition, we attach great importance to creative design and expressive possibilities, such as music, singing, arts and crafts, as well as promoting the individual development areas and interests of the children.

Nature and the surrounding environment are included in the pedagogical everyday life so that the children have the possibility to experience every aspect of this during summer, autumn, winter, and spring.

It is important to us that the child interacts with nature and the surrounding environment, experiences them both deeply while collecting images and impressions. We would like to arouse the child’s curiosity and the joy of discovery.

Through structured daily routines we provide the little ones with the necessary comfort and security they require.

Simba Day Care is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 am to 18:30 pm

During the 3rd and 4th week of the summer holidays, between Christmas and New Year and on public holidays, the day care is closed.

We have bright, child-friendly modern rooms. These rooms are designed to ensure the needs and interests of the child are catered for and they support many activities such as playing, room for developing social experiences, eating, sleeping, body care, rest, security, movement, and experiences in nature etc. The rooms are designed according to the needs and interests of the child.

Simba Day Care is very spacious and offers room for a variety of activities on three floors.

The day care facility is perfectly located: surrounded by nature and meadows while playgrounds and woods are in the immediate vicinity, as is the tram stop with connections in all directions.

Each group has their own rooms such as group rooms with dining area, baby and bedroom, sanitary facilities (toilets, washbasin, changing room) and separate cloakrooms. Further rooms such as the movement room, painting room and creative room are available for both groups that enables cross-group interactions and encounters.

There is a sandpit in the garden allowing for a variety of games to be played while access to an adjoining garden allows further space to play and move.

The garden is landscaped appropriately and is bordered by garden fences and gates to protect the children. It offers grass areas which are sunny and shaded as well as all weather surfaces. This allows the children to participate in many activities all year round.

The tram station Surbaum is about 5 minutes walk away for when longer excursions are planned i.e. to the zoo, Grün80, Lange Erlen, Margaretenpark etc..

A beautiful forest is located beside the facility as well as several playgrounds, the swimming pool in Reinach and the zoo, all of which can be reached by foot.

It is our objective to offer your child good quality pedagogical care.

A very special acclimatisation period is followed to ensure every child has the opportunity to settle in with us and feel completely at home. This provides a gentle start for your child allowing us to give him or her the time it needs to feel comfortable and secure with us.

With the acclimatisation period, we ensure that your child has the best possible, gentle start to care with us and give it the time it needs to feel comfortable and secure with us.

For us that means:

  • Each acclimatisation period needs its own time measure based on the needs of your child.
  • At every acclimatisation, a permanent employee is available at all times.
  • Parents and employees are in constant conversation with each other; this minimises the feeling of separation and allows the time to be filled with exploratory and playful behavior.
  • On admission, an informal exchange between each family is carried out. This ensures the individual history of each family is taken into account and can be catered for as requested.
  • We cultivate relationships with both parents and children which allows trusting cooperation and respectful interaction.

We provide a child-friendly, balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. In order to ensure this, each meal is freshly prepared in our day care kitchen by our trained staff.

Food is a very central and important part of the daily routine of our day care. We eat four meals (breakfast until 7:30 am, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack) together with the children. It is important for us to involve the children in the selection and preparation of the menus so that they have a connection to the food and to the development of a meal. Water and unsweetened, decaffeinated tea are available all day. Every month we have a multicultural food week where the children can taste deliciously prepared menus from many different countries.

The baby porridges are also prepared fresh and balanced every day (after consultation with the parents).

You can expect that from us

  • high-quality education and development
  • proven pedagogical methods
  • structured daily routine
  • excursions into nature and their surroundings
  • activities suitable for all children designed to inspire and stimulate all their senses
  • manageable groups with max. 9 children
  • individual care in a baby/toddler group and a mixed-age group
  • Booking of child care hours is very flexible and an annual opening time of 49 weeks offers good compatibility with family and work life.
  • a place where your child feels comfortable and secure and you know it is in good hands
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